Transporting your risers has never been more convenient.


Our subsea and riser facilities in Houma, LA allow for convenient access to the Gulf of Mexico and provide waterfront access to load and offload rig equipment by barge or vessel. Our location offers a safe harboring for risers and related equipment, minimizing the risk associated with storm impacts. Deepwater vessels can now dock at our waterfront facility in Houma, which is equipped with a crane and plenty of room for offloading.


Vessels coming from the Gulf can reach the riser yard in 4-6 hours once they enter the Houma Navigational Canal, only a few hours longer than continuing on to Port Fourchon. This inland route saves money on both the handling and transportation of risers, the most valuable component of the drilling rig. We have two storage facilities in Houma, Louisiana, featuring indoor facilities and warehousing.



  • Large Supply Vessel Transportation – Equipped with a crane and plenty of space for offloading, the docks along the Houma Navigational Canal are able to support large deepwater supply vessels. This method of transportation allows risers to go directly from the platform or rig to the facility, making it the most convenient way to transport any riser for inspection, storage, maintenance or repairs.  
  • Barge & Truck Transportation – Port Fourchon’s deepwater port is another option for docking large supply vessels. At this location, risers can be offloaded then transported further inland by barge or truck to their final destination. Our team will manage the entire transportation process, making sure the delivery from the rig site to our dock is handled safely and efficiently.
  • Transportation Inspections – Damage can occur during transportation if the risers are not properly handled. When shipping risers into storage or back into production, we send personnel to maintain quality control over the load and inspect everything from the lifts to the tie-downs.