Prime waterfront access to the Gulf of Mexico.


In addition to inspections and maintenance services, our facilities offer convenient and cost-effective storage options for your risers. Our specialized teams are also available and ready to mobilize to transport your risers anywhere in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.


>With two dedicated storage and maintenance facilities in Houma, LA, and one deepwater port facility, we have options for offloading and onloading equipment. Convenience, cost and timeline can determine which route is the best to take. Deepwater supply vessels from the Gulf can reach the riser yard in 4-6 hours once they enter the Houma Navigational Canal. An inland route, unique to our facility, saves money on both the handling and transportation of risers.

Certified Foreign Trade Zone

Having cost-effective and economical solutions in today’s business climate has never been more critical. Our API Spec Q1 registered location in Houma can support all of your needs as a certified Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). This means saving you money by helping you to avoid tariffs and duties associated with storing your inventory. You can defer any tariffs and duties until your product is sold.

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Facility benefits:

  • Environmental advantages – Reducing hurricane exposure and storm risks, our facility locations are also in areas with no salt air, lessening the chances of product corrosion. 
  • Convenient access – For transportation of equipment by truck or barge, our waterfront access with Gulf of Mexico accessibility is 15 miles off of Hwy 90, 20 miles to a rail station and 12 hours of tow time or 1.5-hour drive to Port Fourchon.
  • Available storage areas – With capacity for expansion, our full-service facility has designated storage areas for segregation by asset as well as indoor maintenance facilities and warehousing.


Facility Locations:


This facility is API Spec Q1 Registered. From our Headquarter location, we perform maintenance, inspection, repair and storage services for deepwater risers and subsea equipment. Located 15 miles off of Highway 90, it only a 1.5-hour drive from Port Fourchon and a 12-hour tow.


Our port facility, Maritime Terminal of Alvarado (TMA), is accessible to the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to operating our yard in Alvarado, we have offices in Tampico, Ciudad del Carmen and Boca del Rio. From these locations, we are able to support the drilling and energy services sector providing fabrication and offshore construction repair and refurbishment services. Our crews can be dispatched to support operations all along the Gulf and on rigs in all the major ports. We employ ABS welders and other personnel experienced in drilling and offshore vessel mobilization.

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TOFCO’s 37-acre waterfront fabrication facility allows for strategic access to the Caribbean and northwest South America, allowing TOFCO to support all of the oil and gas fields in the offshore industry in Trinidad and the surrounding Caribbean region, as well as easy transport of decks or other components for offshore assembly.

We employ a local workforce, trained by experienced and highly skilled industry professionals. We have integrated established processes, leading technologies for fabrication and other services, and scheduling management in order to maximize efficiencies, quality control and customer service.

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