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Depending on the condition and needs of the riser, the cleaning methods we use at Deepwater Riser Services can vary. Whether we’re performing standard offsite upkeep or a deep hard cleaning to remove interior rust.



The Waterless Riser Cleaner

MUDBUG is a proprietary tool used for cleaning drilling and production risers. The air-actuated, self-propelled device uses oscillating brushes to clean debris build-up inside risers without the use of high-pressure water. Instead, utilizing 120-psi air, it eliminates the problem of water disposal as well as the safety risks associated with high-pressure washing. Cost-effective, safer, and better for the environment – MUDBUG improves both your cleaning process and your bottom line.

  • Removes rust, scale and dried drilling mud that forms inside the riser
  • Cleaning can be performed by 2-3 man crew
  • Portable equipment with small job box

More information on the MUDBUG can be found here.

High-pressure Wash

Whether removing rust or drilling mud from the interior of a pipe, you can count on our 20,000 psi water blaster to remove any debris. The blasting process is critical to properly prepping the riser for preservation. 



Many rigs require different specifications for preservation. We can utilize any preservation material or paint system that is specified by the OEM and are experienced in various methods. Blasting is the most critical part to the whole process and is performed carefully to prepare added surfaces for any coating.