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Deepwater Riser Services Introduces Waterless Riser Cleaning Tool: MUDBUG

Deepwater Riser Services announces a new tool, MUDBUG. This is a tool used for drilling, production and cleaning risers that is more cost-effective, faster and safer than current methods. MUDBUG is a self-propelled, air-actuated device that uses oscillating brushes to clean built-up debris inside risers, moving through the length of the riser and back out again.

“MUDBUG is a giant leap forward in deepwater riser cleaning,” said John DeBlieux, vice president of Deepwater Riser Services. “It’s not only more cost-effective and safer, it’s also better for the environment and customer’s bottom line.”

MUDBUG uses only 120-psi air to operate, thus eliminating the problem of water disposal and risk associated with high-pressure washing. MUDBUG, unlike other methods, does not require high-pressure water to remove the drilling mud, rust, and scale that builds up in drilling and production risers.

MUDBUG is 3ft long with a 19in diameter, and because the device is portable, it can easily be transported via helicopter or plane to any remote location either offshore or onshore. Its small job box (2ft x 4ft) takes up very little space, which makes it ideal for offshore operations or other rigs. MUDBUG can be operated by a two or three-man crew instead of the usual five-man team required to clean a riser. 

The “MUDBUG” name, inspired by the crawfish, pushes back debris and mud to make its home. The device comes with all brushes and an extra motor and is available exclusively through Deepwater Riser Services in the Gulf of Mexico, United States, Trinidad, and the Caribbean. It has been successfully tested and used in the offshore environment by major drilling contractors. For more information, visit WWW.MUDBUGRISERCLEANER.COM.

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