Category: Float Secure June 17, 2024
Deepwater Riser Services Brings Floatation Invention to Market

HOUMA, LA (June 13, 2024) – Deepwater Riser Services, a leading service provider for marine drilling risers, has launched its patent-pending product, Float Secure. Invented in response to industry safety and efficiency concerns, Float Secure is an engineered alternative to standard riser floatation stop collars.

While traditional stop collars slip and can be difficult to manage, Float Secure is designed to be retrofitted onto a riser without riser disassembly. Float Secure works on all common risers, including Cameron Load King and NOV-style risers, with custom engineering available for specific riser and floatation setups. Its innovative two-piece construction fits around auxiliary lines and features Nord-Lock washers, meeting DROPS reliable securing principles.

“Float Secure solves a lot of problems facing drillers. We came up with this simple solution and will handle everything from planning and fabrication through installation,” said John DeBlieux, Vice President of Deepwater Riser Services. “Making the change to Float Secure means less rig downtime and more time to focus on drilling.”

Deepwater Riser Services, in responding to its clients safety and operational needs, has created a game-changing product for the industry. Float Secure is not only easy to install but it will also prevent injuries and riser damage. The potential reduction in rig downtime will have major positive impacts for drillers, OEMs, operators, engineers and HSE personnel across the globe.

Deepwater Riser Services performs comprehensive services throughout the life cycle of the riser, including inspections or repairs that traditionally require manufacturer support, along with superior safe-harbor storage and maintenance facilities at multiple locations with convenient access to the Gulf.

Contact John DeBlieux at or visit to learn more.

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