Catgeory: Deep Water Riser,OEM,Riser Services November 16, 2016
Deepwater Riser Services and OEM partner on Riser Project

Deepwater Riser Services recently completed a complex deepwater riser maintenance project by collaborating with the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Morrisons’ Deepwater Riser Services division performed maintenance for an offshore drilling rig that included reassembly of 57 risers, entire disassembly, blast and paint.

Partnering with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) on the project allowed the two companies to maximize their respective resources and areas of expertise for the overall benefit of the client and project. Deepwater Riser Services was able to deliver key services that allowed for an OEM-recertification on the risers. By working together and taking advantage of our available shop space and labor capacity, the OEM was able to provide the rig owner with a turn-key solution at a competitive price. 

“We see this as a great example of how Morrison is able to work effectively with other partners to deliver custom solutions for clients,” said John DeBlieux, vice president of Deepwater Riser Services. “It’s also important to note this project was delivered two weeks ahead of schedule. By combining resources, we were able to offer enhanced value that saved time and money.”

WESLEY BARNETT, the OEM project lead, stated, “as the OEM, we were very pleased with the overall attention to detail, product knowledge and quality that was displayed during the entirety of the project.”

Deepwater Riser Services also assisted the OEM with auxiliary line pin and box repairs, repaired 15 floatation modules, successfully removed stuck set screws from 22 lifting lugs and conducted hydro/pressure testing of all completed lines. Another responsibility for Deepwater Riser Services included the teardown and reassembly of the risers.

Deepwater Riser Services performs comprehensive services throughout the life cycle of the riser, including inspections or repairs that traditionally require manufacturer support, along with superior safe-harbor storage and maintenance facilities at multiple locations with convenient access to the Gulf. Contact Us to learn more.

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