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Devann Webster is the Claims Manager for Morrison and also serves as Operations Administrator for Deepwater Riser Services.

What first brought Devann to Morrison was her participation in a high school program called the C.O.E. (Cooperative Office Education) where she was required to hire on with a company in order to gain office experience.  Morrison was her first call.

As a senior in high school, Devann started with Morrison as a mail runner.  Upon graduation, she began working in Morrison’s purchasing department as a Junior Buyer, while pursuing her education at Nicholls State University.  In 2008, Devann graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and decided to further her career at Morrison.  She transferred to the Human Resources Department and eventually to Risk Management.  When a position opened in operations at Morrison’s riser division, she moved into that role while maintaining her duties as claims manager.

How has Morrison helped you in your career development? 

Morrison has provided me with the opportunity to explore multiple career paths within this organization.  I’ve been blessed to be able to work under different leadership and departments and decide which career I felt gave me the most purpose.

What aspect of your current role do you enjoy the most?

Employee engagement.  Although it is during a sensitive time when an employee is ill or has had an injury.  I have an opportunity and a duty to show them a different perspective of Morrison.  A side that their health and well-being is important to us as a company.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their career?

Don’t be afraid to align yourself with those that are in position to help you grow to your full career potential.


There’s no doubt Devann’s advice is coming from her personal experience and has been her mantra since starting her career nearly two decades ago.  She brings to work with her a positive attitude and an assertiveness that assists in driving her success each day.  Her enthusiasm for her work is obvious to all who engage with her.  We thank her for being a part of the Morrison team.

Devann is currently celebrating 18 years with Morrison.   She is a wife and mother of 4 beautiful children, Milan (8) Jai (6) Liam (2) Nia (1).


Jody started his career with Morrison in 2003 as a heavy equipment operator.  His attention to safety and his work ethic was soon recognized and he later accepted a position as yard foreman.   In 2012, he began assisting Deepwater Riser Services with the loading and offloading of risers and continued to gain interest in the drill riser business.  “I would help with quotes and coordinate requests from the rigs.  It’s exciting to win awards and be a part of the success of the company in that way.”

Building from his background, Jody’s career path eventually led him to the position he holds now.   “I’m proud of every ounce of my growth from starting as a heavy equipment operator to becoming a general superintendent.  Morrison has not only allowed me the ability to expand my career, but also provided me training that continues to better me as a general superintendent, husband and father,”  says Jody.   “I feel like family here.  When Mr. Chet or any of his children are on site, you are greeted with a handshake and asked how you are doing.  They truly care about the people who work here.”

When asked what advice he has for those considering a career in his field, Jody responds, “If you’re going to do it, commit to it and give it 100%, regardless of the decision of the trade or task.”

Jody is celebrating 17 years with Morrison and 7 years as a general superintendent for Deepwater Riser Services.  He is married to his wife of 20 years, Marlene, and they have a beautiful 8 year old daughter, Lainey Clair.  Jody is kind-hearted, dedicated and loyal and is the first to volunteer to represent Morrison at various events.

We wish Jody and all of our super Dad’s a very special and happy Father’s Day!