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Deepwater Riser Services Houma Storage Facility – Now Certified as Foreign Trade Zone

Your Solution to Eliminating Storage Tariffs and Duties

As a secure foreign-trade zone, its Houma storage facility is approved and certified to store drilling products without the need to pay customs or duties and property is not subject to ad valorem taxes. Providing cost-effective, turnkey storage services, the organization is poised to handle everything from transportation to logistics to ensure the customer’s experience is hassle-free.

“We are extremely pleased to share this news with our customers, industry partners, and prospective customers,” said John DeBlieux, Vice President of Deepwater Riser Services. “Our services span the full life cycle of the riser starting with our team delivering rigorous inspections, then focusing on critical maintenance, and offering convenient storage options that fit the needs of our customers.”

With 24 acres of dedicated storage and maintenance areas in Houma, LA Deepwater Riser Services offers a safe harbor and convenient access for transportation whether coming in or out of the Gulf of Mexico by truck or barge. Additional value is provided to importers who may be able to defer duties or tariffs on products by storing their items within the FTZ.

Deepwater Riser Service’s Houma storage facility is API Spec Q1 Registered and is located 15 miles off of Highway 90, which make it only a 1.5-hour drive from Port Fourchon and a 12-hour tow. To support its customers’ needs, the organization has additional facilities across the Gulf of Mexico that are strategically located to support the demands of the energy industry and allow their crews and vessels to be easily dispatched to support any operation internationally.

To learn more about Deepwater Riser Services’ newly certified Foreign Trade Zone and the advantages it can offer, please see here.

Foreign Trade Zone Advantages

  • AVOID AD VALOREM TAXES Property stored within the FTZ is not subject to ad valorem taxes.
  • CASH FLOW Inventory can be held in the FTZ without duty payment.
  • EXPORTS In an FTZ, duties are simply never paid.
  • INVERTED U.S. CUSTOMS DUTY SAVINGS The reduction or elimination of U.S. Customs duties can be significant.
  • NON-DUTIABILITY OF LABOR, OVERHEAD AND PROFIT U.S. Customs duties are not owed on labor, overhead or profit attributed to production operations in an FTZ.
  • REDUCED CYCLE TIME Delays relating to U.S. Customs clearances are eliminated.
  • WEEKLY ENTRIES Weekly entry procedures can significantly reduce paperwork and expense.
  • PRODUCTION MACHINERY Machinery for use in an FTZ may be assembled and installed before duties are owed on either the parts or finished product.
  • INVENTORY CONTROL Operations in an FTZ require careful accounting of receipt, processing, manufacturing, and shipment of merchandise.
  • ZONE-TO-ZONE TRANSFER A network of zone projects provides opportunities to reduce or eliminate duties.
  • INSURANCE COSTS Cargo insurance rates should be reduced because imported merchandise is shipped directly to an FTZ.
  • U.S. QUOTA Voluntary restraint and orderly marketing agreements are not impacted by FTZ use.

Location: 140 Industrial Blvd | Houma, LA 70363

Map of locations

This facility is API Spec Q1 Registered. From our headquarter location, we perform maintenance, inspection, repair and storage services for deepwater risers and subsea equipment. Located 15 miles off of Highway 90, it only a 1.5-hour drive from Port Fourchon and a 12-hour tow. Our additional facilities across the Gulf of Mexico are strategically located to support the demands of the energy industry. From these locations, our crews and vessels can be dispatched to support any operation internationally.

To find out how easy it is to take advantage of our newly certified Foreign Trade Zone, contact:

John DeBlieux, Vice President of Deepwater Riser Services
D:: 985.850.1226
C: 985.209.7568

Kenny Dillard Receives ASNT Level III Certifications

We are proud to announce that Kenny Dillard, NDT Manager for Deepwater Riser Services, recently received his ASNT Level III certifications.  Dillard now holds certifications in four methods: Liquid Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, and Visual Testing.

American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) Level III is the highest level of NDT certification available in the United States and holding certification in four methods is a significant achievement.

Kenny Dillard has also applied for, passed all course studies and hands-on technique, and received certification requirements for his Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing (PCN), which is recognized by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). This certification provides accreditation from the UK Non-Destructive Testing certifying body and will expand Dillard’s Ultrasonic certification to a “worldwide” status for which ASNT does not offer a certification state-side.  Once formally received, this additional certification will allow for future accreditation in Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing.

Dillard began at Deepwater Riser Services in 2014 as an SNT-TC-1A Level II NDT Technician.  Formerly a US Air Force Combat Veteran, Kenny utilized his GI Bill to take night classes and received his Associates of Applied Sciences degree in Nondestructive Testing in 2017.  When his mentor, Level III Tom Dennison retired in 2018, Kenny took over Dennison’s position as NDT Manager at Deepwater Riser Services. Dillard also holds a Radiographic Testing (RT) Film Interpretation Certification.

“These certifications require rigorous discipline in multiple aspects of academics, technique, mental toughness, and character,” states Roseanna Roberie, Operations Manager for Deepwater Riser Services.  “Kenny has put in hundreds of hours of hard work, both hands-on and academically, in addition to his regular full-time duties to achieve this level of success. To say I am proud is an understatement.”

As NDT Manager, Dillard is also responsible for ongoing training and managing of five Level II Inspectors employed with Deepwater Riser Services.  The staff of NDT Inspectors allows for Deepwater Riser Services to provide this service in-house to its clients.

Morrison Receives API Q1 Registration

Deepwater Riser Services, a division of Chet Morrison Contractors, LLC, is certified to provide the highest standard of inspection and repair services in the industry. The company has been found to be in conformance with API Specification Q1 9th edition and ISO 9001:2015 and has been assessed by the American Petroleum Institute Quality Registrar (APIQR). By utilizing procedures guided by APIQR and OEM specifications, Deepwater Riser Services is positioned to provide the highest standard of quality control to their clients’ riser programs.

“This certification is important as we seek to grow our Deepwater Riser Services business. It signals our ability to offer traceability and quality control systems that our clients require for their riser programs,” said John DeBlieux, vice president of Deepwater Riser Services.