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Thermal Sprayed Aluminum Coating Services Now Offered

Deepwater Riser Services is proud to serve the most cost-efficient and effective corrosion protection for your assets:

One-Coat Thermal Spray Aluminum Technology

Deepwater Riser Services provides Thermal Sprayed Aluminum (TSA) coating services in-house at its ISO-certified facilities. As our investment in innovation continues, we have the talent to offer TSA while advancing in the right technology.” Our investments eliminate the need to re-coat over time, decreasing maintenance costs. Overall, TSA is a better option to conventional barrier coatings.

Thermal Sprayed Aluminum is applied on your most valuable assets to protect carbon steel from corrosion, acting as a barrier and proving sacrificial protection.

Some examples of where TSA is used include:

  • Access bridges
  • Outdoor staircases
  • Offshore or subsea Structures
  • Dock pilings & fenders
  • Lifeboat stations
  • Production and drilling risers
  • Flare booms
  • Roof trusses


Some of the top reasons why our clients choose TSA coating are that it:

  • Provides the best long-term corrosion protection available today, working as a sacrificial anode
  • Is an efficient, cost-effective one-coat system
  • Has superior adhesion, so there is little to no drying/curing time; materials can be handled almost immediately after application
  • Has excellent UV resistance
  • Is cost-effective, requiring fewer coats than traditional coating materials
  • Is resistant to chemical or mechanical damage



Deepwater Riser Services uses wire arc spray technology for its TSA services. The method can be easily conducted on scaffolding at extended heights and in smaller quarters. The wire arc technology consistently atomizes the coating with high bond strengths and the highest deposition rates of any thermal spray method.


Deepwater Riser Services provides the experience to deliver TSA coating services at its facilities or in the field itself. Our qualified team ensures that the steel’s blast profile is cut precisely to optimize to optimal adhesion. Our experienced application team has been efficiently providing TSA coating services to some of our top clients successfully.



Deepwater Riser Services, a division of Morrison, has completed the ISO 9001:2015 certification process over a year ahead of schedule. We strive to meet or exceed all industry requirements and regulations for quality and safety. 

The ISO 9001:2015 standard is based on several quality management principles, such as continual improvement, the motivation and implication of top management, a strong customer focus and the process approach. This standard is designed to help organizations and businesses to be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.

Deepwater Riser Services has accomplished a complex qualification process to become certified as a Licensed Inspection & Repair Service Provider for GE Oil & Gas. The company’s facility in Houma is qualified for disassembly, inspection, and repair of GE Oil & Gas marine drilling risers, including its TSA coating services. There are only two facilities in the state of Louisiana with this level of qualification.